Friday, July 1, 2011

New Domain Extensions Coming From ICANN

I recently discussed ICANN's new domain name expansion plans on Fox Live. The internet is running out of desirable domain name real estate. This will allow companies, athletes and entertainers to strengthen their brands. For example, rather than, the soft drink company may have drink.coke as a domain for a new marketing effort.

The price tag per domain is steep at around $200,000 for an application and annual fees of $25,000. Far different than the 1990's domain name gold rush where great domains could be picked up for $20 or so. That should keep out the bulk of cybersquatters, however, there will likely be fierce battles over generic domain extensions among large corporate interests. A new domain gold rush may likely emerge.

Plenty of trademark infringement lawsuits will certainly be filed. When such battles arise, it is important for trademark owners to retain an experienced domain name trademark lawyer to protect their intellectual property rights.

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