Thursday, April 14, 2011

Internet Defamation Exploding

Internet defamation and anonymous internet defamation, in particular, continue to rise. Recently, the ABA Journal reported on the phenomenon of web attacks.

I found the article quite good in providing a generalized road map regarding this issue. It may be light in serious case law analysis but I found the section regarding CDA Section 230 reform particularly refreshing. CDA Section 230 has been stretched and abused for so many years that it has become a get out of jail free card for internet companies and websites. Reform will come down the pike sooner or later. I would like to see something analogous to the DMCA procedures for copyright infringement. In short, there needs to be a legal incentive for websites to cooperate in internet defamation matters. Kudos to the ABA for illustrating the problems with CDA Section 230 in its current form.

As I was telling a client the other day, it takes years and years to build a brand or business reputation. Unfortunately, that brand and reputation can often be destroyed in a matter of a few hours by a single, dedicated anonymous internet poster. If your business is being attacked online, it is crucial to hire an experienced internet defamation attorney. Even if the defendant has no money to collect pursuant to a judgment, an aggressive, experienced internet lawyer can stop the bleeding and get your business back to the revenues it enjoyed prior to the web defamation attacks.

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Paulie said...

Anonymous online defamation's been running rampant these last years, with businesses suffering because online cyber-attacks on their online reputation and even directly on their own websites. These attacks drive away customers, viewers, readers, and are meant to reduce your credibility, through this, probably benefiting your competitors.