Friday, April 16, 2010

BroadcastersCome Together to Launch Mobile Content Service

Is it possible that several major television broadcasters can figure out mobile content through a joint venture? Fox, Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television, NBC, and eight other broadcast mediums are launching a joint venture to develop a new national mobile content service, according to a recent PR Newswire release.

The service will use the nation's existing broadcasting infrastructure in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Initiative -- giving nearly 150 million American consumers easy access to mobile video.

While the venture is meant to be the next platform of digital television and aid Americans (especially those in rural areas and the older population), just how effective the initiative will be? Will babyboomers struggling to keep up with the sprawling digital revolution have the need and know-how for content? Inundating these consumers with mobile content on their phones that they just learned to use a few years ago could overwhelm them and leave them feeling alienated.

Also, in terms of content, how will venture partners and their subsidiaries assure consumers of varied content representative of what they want to see versus what advertisers pay for? Will the same FCC guidelines for TV apply to this mobile content, or will it need a special set of guidelines? Lawyers specializing in internet law and new media will be paying close attention.

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