Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google and China at Odds

Website lawyers and e-commerce specialists will be closely following the fallout over a recent story that cyber based attacks against Google have emerged from China. Apparently, Google is not getting much cooperation from China and a lack of trust may be building. It is suspected the attacks sought data from the gmail accounts of Chinese dissidents. Perhaps Google pulls out of China? This may be further signs of growing internet protectionism and nationalization of the internet.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Google Tax in France?

As an e-commerce attorney, I get to comment on internet law issues from time to time in the media. I was on fox news today speaking about a proposed pay per click internet tax in France. Google would be hit hardest by such a tax. Check out the internet law commentary here.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Google Tax??

Internet and e-commerce lawyers will be closely following a new Google tax proposed in France. Some in France propose taxing Google's lucrative internet pay per click advertising model to subsidize French copyright holders. The proposal has a number of procedural and technical legal snags. Aside from such legal technicalities, I am interested in the impact this may or may not have upon click fraud. That is because the tax is proposed as a per click tax upon Google ads. In other words, the taxable event occurs only when a Google ad is clicked upon. Will this encourage click fraud or provide an incentive for Google to implement stronger anti-click fraud measures to reduce possible tax liability?

Also, will Google bear the tax or will it simply pass the tax on to its advertisers by increasing keyword prices? As it stands, Google's advertisers would never know since keyword pricing is contained in a black box.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Buy Mac Optimization Service Useless?

Consumers picking up new mac books might want to read this story regarding Best Buy's supposed Mac optimization service. Like many computer and internet related tech services sold on an unsuspecting and unknowing public, it sounds like it may be useless and a complete waste of money. And if Best Buy is selling such a useless service, the practice may be ripe for consumer redress in a consumer class action.

For starters, Macs come out of the box, ready to go and virus proof - thus, there is no reason for any such service. In fact, that is why Mac has continued to win kudos from users.

If you feel you have been sold useless tech services or internet and computer products, contact an experienced internet and civil litigation attorney.