Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The DarkNet is Coming

The next internet revolution will likely be increasingly easy to use darknets. Darknets are like little tunnels where one can conduct internet activity and communication while remaining off the grid if you will. More specifically, it is like a private little club where outsiders cannot monitor an internet user's behavior. Darknet users effectively set up their own private url's to carry out secretive business operations or potentially nefarious activities.

Heretofore, only techies had the knowledge to set up their own darknets. But, Hewlett Packard is on the verge of releasing a browser based darknet which will consumerize darknets and their usage.

The legal consequences of this are endless and interesting. It is self evident what this means for intellectual property infringement - it makes theft of content anonymous once again. What about internet demation? I predict it will skyrocket as anonymity rises. What about cyber crimes like theft of private consumer info and bank accounts? Internet marketing could see huge rises in click fraud. And on and on and on......

Always a good idea to consult experienced internet lawyers when analyzing how new technology may impact existing laws and consumer behavior.

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