Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google Can't Hide Identity of Defamers

As an internet defamation lawyer, I was happy to see this report on Good Morning America. Those who are defamed online often need to unmask their anonymous defamers. I have been successfully unmasking anonymous internet defamers and bloggers for years.

To me, the shocking part of this story was that Google apparently fought Liskula Cohen's efforts to unmask her defamer. In my experience, internet service providers such as Google understand that it is usually pointless to oppose subpoena requests for server logs and identifying information.

In any event, citizens have no need to sit by idly while their reputation is shredded by anonymous attackers and this case simply reinforces this point.

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JeanetteVictoria said...

Google is very unresponsive about bloggers who post the most outrageous defamation. Example prolly one of the most prodigious examples of page and page of defamation; some quite extreme.