Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is IPHONE Too Much for ATT's Network

Internet attorneys are always interested in new digital consumer products and if their makers can actually back up their performance claims.

To this end, it looks like ATT just doesn't have the network muscle to handle data-hogging Iphones. What's the problem? Well, Iphones just use tons and tons of data. All of those apps and shiny and slick digital toys devour data. This, in turn, slows a network and ATT is the exclusive network provider for Iphone. ATT just might not have broad enough shoulders to carry the entire Iphone data burden. I would recommend that both ATT and Apple re-think this exclusivity or else they may not only lose customers in droves (what good are all those uber cool apps if they don't perform timely), but they may face class action claims for failing to deliver the digital performance they have promised.

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