Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The RIAA Strikes Again

The start-up music website Muxtape has been shut down voluntarily due to concerns over the RIAA - the music industry's trade group and chief illegal download cop. Muxtape allowed users to make mash-ups and mix tapes - just like you did when you were a kid. I reported on Muxtape a few weeks ago and have been following its progress. Apparently, the site's administrators tried to police infringing user activities to no avail.

I find it telling that while the music industry continues to rack up victories in and out of court on copyright infringement grounds, these victories have proven pyrrhic as music sales continue to dwindle and record labels continue to downsize until they disappear. The digital revolution and more specifically, web 3.0 collaboration and sharing, is here to stay. Until content providers figure out how to work with web 3.o ventures instead of against them, the music industry will continue to deteriorate until it is no more.

To find out more about web 3.0 and copyright laws, contact and Internet attorney.

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