Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Newest Focus of Copyright Infringement

So the Olympics recently got underway and NBC's attempts to curtail copyright infringement have been utterly pathetic - and also predictable. When will content providers wake up and plug into web 2.0 and what will become web 3.0? Content providers legal whack-a-mole strategy against infringers has never worked and never will.

NBC has seemingly taken an overprotective approach to their Olympic footage, the other network news shows can't even show highlights. Instead, NBC's competitors are relegated to still photos.

NBC's own internet coverage apparently sucks so bad that the viewing public has turned to illegal bit torrents and pirates. Pirates have outclassed NBC's Olympic internet coverage by offering HD versions of many events before NBC even gets them to air. Come on NBC, outclassed by a bunch of kids in their parents basement. Anyone else not surprised at this result since these games are taking place in China - you know, the country that doesn't give a damn about United States Intellectual Property laws.

If you have any questions regarding copyright issues and the internet, contact an experienced internet law attorney.

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