Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mattel Seeks $2 Billion From Bratz

In the trial of the year, the mighty John Quinn scored a huge victory for Mattel in its lawsuit against MGA and its Bratz line of dolls. Quinn was able to convince jurors that MGA stole the idea for Bratz from Mattel. Basically, MGA has been promoting and selling Mattel's intellectual property all these years while racking up huge sales numbers.

And now the real interesting part of the trial starts - damages! Mattel wasn't shy and recently asked jurors to award Mattel $2 Billion Dollars. Got to hand it to Quinn Emanuel on this one. I wonder if they took this one on a contingency?

In any event, this case serves as an important lesson to companies and employees alike. If you have a great idea for something that you want to own or market, make damn sure you are not under an employment agreement that grants your employer ownership of your inventions and designs.

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