Wednesday, August 13, 2008

American Apparel - What an Innovative Company

I was lucky enough to be given a tour of one of America's great, young and innovative companies yesterday. Shawn Shahani of American Apparel gave me a tour of the headquarters and factory right here in downtown Los Angeles. Shawn is a real dynamic, up and coming marketing guru and I have faith that he will help lead the web 3.0 revolution with regard to marketing and branding of consumer products.

The place is massive and everything is done on site, from internet marketing to cutting fabric to shipping and freight. The company is the definition of vertical integration.

On a human note, I was impressed with American Apparel's community involvement, worker programs and philanthropy. Seemingly at every turn, AA is trying its best to make the world a better place and lessen the impact of manufacturing. Some examples include an on site medical office, green energy company vehicles and the Legalize L.A. campaign calling for immigration reform.

As an Internet lawyer, I was consumed with AA's innovative marketing techniques, particularly their views regarding globalization and social network advertising. Few companies, if any at the moment, understand how to get the most out of internet advertising, more specifically monetizing Facebook and Myspace advertising. I came away and impressed by this dynamic company and its online advertising efforts.


Shawn said...

Dig it, Erik. Remember that we gotta get a drink downtown sometime.

ali sky said...

web 3.0, nice.