Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Youtube sued again, this time Italian style

No shocker here, Google once again sued for Youtube's ubiquitous copyright infringement. Google really shouldn't be surprised, when you buy a business built upon blatantly violating copyright laws, the lawsuits are going to pile up. The smartest guys in the world are Youtube's founders, who bailed with millions and no consequences.

Once Google bought Youtube, it was like a green light for copyright holders to file suit. However, it remains to be seen if many of these suits are simply negotiating tactics to be used to cut favorable distribution and advertising deals with Youtube and Google.

The latest suit was filed in Italy by a large conglomerate known as Mediaset. The suit presents a great opportunity to see how strongly the Italian courts enforce the European Union's copyright legislation. Most believe that the EU provides greater protection to copyright holders. That does not bode well for Google, nor does the home court advantage that Italian justice sometimes provides.

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