Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Web 2.0 websites continue to face DMCA pressures

Web 2.0 is often about collaboration or re-working pre-existing works into new forms of expression. However, this innovation and convenience needs to be counter-balanced by respect and understanding for intellectual property issues. Often, creative individuals produce innovative programs and websites without giving thought to intellectual property concerns such as copyright infringement and the DMCA. Usually, copyright owners sit back until a site starts to generate revenue. Once a site becomes profitable, then it is worth the copyright owner's effort and money to launch a team of lawyers into cyberspace and sue a website for infringement.

Recently, a number of mix tape websites are coming under fire. These sites allow users to make mp3 mix tapes, reminiscent of the mix tapes kids used to make in the 80's using cassettes. Muxtape has been experiencing these issues and residing in copyright limbo. Website owners and entrepreneurs should consult with a copyright lawyer or intellectual property law firm to discuss the risks and rewards that may accompany a new website venture such as mix tape sites.

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